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Love this 💀


Love this 💀

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"The highest religion of all holidays in the Satanic religion is the date of one’s own birth. The Satanist feels; “If you are going to create a god in your image why not create that god as yourself?” Every man is a god if he chooses to recognize himself as one. So, the Satanist celebrates his own birthday as the most important holiday of the year."

Anton LaVey, Satanic Bible (via thesatanicblog)

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Three Things Students Wish Teachers Knew


I think a lot of tumblr teachers are on board with these sentiments.

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I just realised that I’m a LaVey Satanist

Probably not. Take a look at the stuff they have on their site. They have some fantastic advice for people who still live at home.


Should I tell my mom?

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Hogwarts houses + mood board           ~ [Gryffindor]

Hogwarts houses + mood board
           ~ [Gryffindor]

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